Saturday, April 23, 2011

The asinine equine Progress 3

 I coloured in a layer then duplicated it and darkened the levels then erased out bits to get some more contrast happening.  I then added light in clouds on another layer.
 Then on a layer set to linear colour I added a red to blue gradient and went in with a brush hitting up areas with red or blue.  Red sections desaturated the green grass and added another dimension to the sky. The blue helped sink some things into the background more.
Almost there. 


  1. Are they going to tip over the edge? What is the narrative?? It's so dark and threatening and perilous!! Oh I can't wait to see what happens next.....

  2. I turned dark didn't it. It was meant to be comedic to start with. A stubborn Horse taking the pubs beer delivery over a cliff.

  3. I love the images...but what makes it for me is this post's title. Well done.