Sunday, October 23, 2011

Streetfighter challenge

Here's a bit of a process of my contribution to Oz comic's facebook comp this week. So: I did some pencils. Each figure was on a seperate page and I wiggled them about in PS till they sat right scale and angle wise
Now I spent alot of time here on each character. First I blocked in basic colours and got frustrated with the contrast and started to blend them to this stage nonetheless. Firstly I use the default opacity sensitive brush without that option ticked and then I started to blend with that little option ticked in the dialogue box...
On another layer I started to go over the pencils and add in darker shading and blended the colours below with some fresh ones on top. Much needed contrast comes through here.
Now on a layer set to overlay I punched up the vibrance adding a dark purple to get saturated shadows and an orangey colour to get the flesh tones more interesting.
Finally I add more background elements and on a layer set to hard light I add in the glow to the bodies that's eminating from the energy ball...I think I can call it that, or hadouken.