Sunday, May 6, 2012


TCAF is finishing up. Met alot of cool creators. swapped some comics. Bought some.
Toronto is pretty. Here's a picture of the buildings that prove me wrong maybe but it's a cool addition to a Uni building I think. There's also the back of Andrew Fulton's head of caravan of comics fame!
So yesterday I met Jim Zub who does Skullkickers, really friendly guy. He ran a panel today with Becky Cloonan who drew this for me!
Really cool huh? She was sitting next to Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. I got their Dayrtipper book and  picked up a mean little teaser comic from Andy Belanger. Great brushwork from all those guys.
Speaking of great brushwork I also went to a kind of tutorial or demo on inking from the great Jeff Smith of Bone fame.
Here's a shot of  the fucking bestest water bottle at the convention. He's inking some crap in the background there.

I also drew him
He has massive hands cos the muscles are overworked with cartoonery and carpal tunnel and fit as.
While this blog post is making less sense here's Matt Madden.
I also saw and drew him. He's a dapper guy and comes free with lots of advice, although he will try and charge you for his heavy book that just says the same thing but with lots of words and pictures and binding and wisdom.
That's all. I'm napping now.


  1. Geez it sounds like you're having such a crap time. I feel really sorry for you.

  2. ps your sketching of Jeff Smith giving you a workshop is wonderful on multiple levels.

    You should think about doing a one-sketch-per-day autobiographical book/diary, like Emi Lennox's 'EmiTown'. I think you'd be a brilliant fit for a project like that.

  3. The gratuitous water bottle money shot was by far the highlight of this post.

  4. hmmm. I'll see what that is.
    More money shots to come maybe...?